Data Download

This data file includes our estimates for mean user cost rates, mean share of user cost that is subsidized, and mean subsidy (in dollars) for households that own their home in each PUMA for the years 2016 to 2019. For more details about these estimates and how they are constructed refer to the paper. A column description is provided below.

Researchers are free to use these data with an appropriate citation (Bishop, Dowling, Kuminoff, and Murphy, 2023).

This file contains the following 10 columns:

Column Name Format Description Example

statefp 2 digits US State FIPS Code 04

puma5ce 5 digits PUMA Code 00109

countyfp 3 digits County FIPS Code (if available) 013

year 4 digits Estimate year 2016

user_cost_rate Numeric Mean UCR 0.03456148940185933

share_user_cost_subsidized Numeric Mean Share of UCR subsidized 0.05240985540031648

subsidy_dollars Numeric Mean Subsidy in nominal USD 558.2254661248826

state_name String State Name Arizona

state_abb String State Abbreviation AZ

puma_name String PUMA Name Maricopa County--Tempe City (North)

county_name String County Name (if available) Maricopa County (part)

There are 9405 rows. They are uniquely identified by combining statefp, puma5ce and year.